Use Custom fields to collect information from your Online Store and in the Booqable backend, choose to display the data on documents (like invoices) and this information will be included in Excel and CSV exports.

You can create fields for products, orders, or customers to store information like:

  • A product's weight or value
  • Project names and event dates
  • Contact details and delivery addresses¬†

To create a custom field:

  1. Go to Settings > Custom Fields.
  2. Choose if the field applies to products, customers or orders.
  3. In the Custom fields section, click Add new custom field.
  4. Under field label, give the field a name.
  5. Next, choose the data type.
    You can add single-line text fields, multi-line text areas, date pickers, drop-downs and address blocks (a group of fields to collect address information).
  6. For orders and customers, you can choose the documents on which you want to show the data. You can edit or remove the information for individual orders.
  7. Click Save to create your custom field.

Custom fields for Orders

Apply custom fields to orders to create default information boxes for new rental orders created from the Booqable backend. 

Custom fields for Products and Customers

Map custom fields to customers to collect and store any additional customer information, like referrals or age, or apply them to Products to store information like warehouse locations.

What's next?

Use custom fields in the checkout of your Online Store

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