Looking to organize your products within Booqable?

Be it for organization within Booqable, or to help add specific products to your website in certain ways, we’ve got your covered!

Tags help categorize your products, customers, orders and more!

Adding Tags

  1. View the customer, order, or product you want to tag.

  2. On the right hand sidebar, click the plus sign from the Tags section.

  3. Choose your desired tags or create a new one.

Possibilities for tags

Using tags helps with organization and streamlining your business:

Product Tags

Product tags help with finding specific types of products faster. Maybe you have a lot of product types and you want to find that one small cable. Instead of going page by page you can use a tag to get you there faster!

Product tags also help with adding certain product types to specific webpages! You may want to add a featured product section to your website or maybe you want to add some differentiation to your products, separate the helmets from the bikes or separate the baby strollers from the blankets, for example. You can use the tags for this! All you need to do is add this code to your website and fill in your tags!

For most websites when adding an html code block:

<div class="booqable-product-list" data-tags="tag,tag 2,tag 3"> </div>

For Wordpress:

[booqable_list tags="tag,tag 2"]

Customer Tags

Whether you want to mark someone as a VIP or if you want to mark a frequent customer, tags help you find specific customers faster. You can even use these tags to search when making a new order from the backend. You just search the customer tag from within the customer search bar and you will get a list of people who have that tag!

Order Tags

Want to filter your orders by payment method? Want to tag your orders made by VIP customers? Want to tag your order as a late return or a lost item? You can do that from directly within the order screen.

Customer Tags

Do you want to know which customers returned items late or maybe even lost or damaged an item? Tags will also help with this! Customers do not see their tags within the back end. This is just for your information!

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