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Getting started with general settings
Getting started with general settings

Learn how to set up your account for success by choosing your general settings.

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General settings are the first place to start for setting up a Booqable account for success. They are the basic configurations to localize an account's language, terminology, and display formats to those you and your team are most accustomed to.

It is also how you can store essential company information to be displayed on important documents you can send to customers, with any of this information able to be adjusted or changed over time, just as your rental business will.

How it works

1. To start, match the date format you and your team are most accustomed to by adjust your account's date and time settings.

2. To match the format your customers are most accustomed to, adjust your account's address field organization.

3. To display important details for your customer-facing documents, set up your company information.

4. To match your account with the terminology you and your team are accustomed to,

๐Ÿ’กNote: If you're looking to change the language of text shown to your customers on your website or documents, take a look at adjusting translations settings.

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