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Getting started with documents
Getting started with documents

Learn how to easily create professional-looking invoices, contracts, and quotes with the amazing documents tool in Booqable.

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Documents in Booqable are the invoices, contracts, and quotes that automatically generate for each order in Booqable.

These documents can be found on each individual order's page, from the adjustable template that you can edit with your own information in your account settings.

Thanks to Booqable, you can forget managing a whole other system in order to send and store important documents for rental orders, and complete the steps below so repetitive document writing is a thing of the past!

How it works

1. If you want to know how to generate a document that automatically fills out with the unique order's information, start by learning how to generate quotes and contracts.

2. If you want to generate, send, and store order invoices all from the comfort of your rental software - learn how to work with invoices.

3. If you want to create edit your document templates to include extra information such as your store's terms and agreements, learn how to edit document templates.

4. If you want to adjust how Booqable formats your documents by adding your own styling, you can learn how to customize documents using CSS.

5. If you want to replace the document prefixes with a sequence your business is accustomed to, learn how to adjust document numbering.

6. If you want to achieve that extra peace-of-mind when accepting reservations for your rental store, learn how to collect e-signatures on documents.

You're all set!

You have now successfully learned how to get started with documents in Booqable.

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