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How to generate quotes and contracts
How to generate quotes and contracts

Learn how to automate customer communication by generating quotes and contracts in Booqable.

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Quotes are an essential tool for running a rental business in order to easily send out price proposals, agree to a terms and agreements policy, and capture a signature.

The article below will guide you through how to easily generate quotes and contracts to send to your customers, in Booqable.

How it works

Quotes and contracts can be generated, adjusted, and emailed directly to your customers - all from the manual order screen in Booqable.

Before you generate a quote or contract, you can rearrange and add text (such as the terms and agreements policy) to these documents by reading through our guide on how to edit document templates in Booqable.

1. Creating and confirming quotes and contracts

1. View an Order and click New quote or New contract from the right sidebar.

2. Click Confirm from the top-bar, when an agreement is made.

3. Optionally, you can select Add signature. If the customer is with you in store or on a delivery, signatures can be digitally captured from the customer, with the signed copy being emailed again straight from the document's screen.

2. Changing document numbers

The numbers of quotes and contracts increment automatically when you first open your Booqable account.

Follow the steps below to adjust the numbering of your documents in Booqable.

1. Go to Settings > Documents.

2. View a document.

3. Click the pencil icon after the document number.

4. Change the number, and Booqable will automatically continue this sequencing with the documents you generate in the future.

5. You can also add an optional Prefix to your document number, including dynamic values, like the year or order number.

3. Sending quotes and contracts

πŸ’‘Note: There are customizable email templates for sending documents! Select them from the template drop-down, or create your own.

Now it is time to send your document to your customer. Again, you can capture a signature from them digitally if they are in store with you.

1. To send your quote or contract to a customer, click Send from the top-bar of the document screen, after you have clicked Create contract/Create quote from the order's screen.

πŸ’‘Note: If you wish to view which documents have already been sent to your customers via email and which haven't, you can easily do this in your Booqable account.

Go to the Documents page in Booqable and use the Sent filter on the left hand filter bar to select Yes or No. Yes will show all documents already sent to customers via email, and No will display those documents yet to be emailed.

You're all set!

You have now successfully learned how to generate quotes and contracts in Booqable.

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