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How to generate quotes and contracts
How to generate quotes and contracts

Learn how to automate customer communication by generating quotes and contracts in Booqable.

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You can create a Quote to send out price proposals, and send out a Contract when the prices are agreed to by both parties.

Creating and confirming quotes and contracts

  1. View an Order and click New quote or New contract from the right sidebar.

  2. Click Confirm from the top-bar, when an agreement is made.
    Optionally, you can add a Signature.

💡Note: You can add your terms to the Contract Template in Settings > Documents.

Sending quotes and contracts

To send your quote or contract to a customer, click Send to from the top-bar.

💡Note: Quotes and contracts can be sent to the customers manually once generated on the order screen.

💡Tip: There are customizable email template for sending documents; select them from the template drop-down.

Changing document numbers

Numbers of quotes and contracts increment automatically.

Changing the numbering: 

  1. View a document,

  2. click the pencil icon after the document number,

  3. change the number, and Booqable will pick up from there. 

You can also add an optional prefix to your document number, including dynamic values like the year or order number. Set up prefixes in Settings > Documents:

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