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How to collect e-signatures on documents
How to collect e-signatures on documents

Learn how to elevate documents even more by collecting e-signatures on invoices and quotes in Booqable.

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For added assurance, your rental business may need to capture a customer's signature when agreeing to the terms and agreements of a contract or quote.

You can of course take a signature electronically when the customer is present with you in store, or at a delivery or pickup.

However, you may prefer to take a signature before the time of reservation or pick up, such as when a customer is reserving online.

Fortunately, you can now configure your Booqable documents to request an e-signature from your customers, through a number of integrations available with other platforms!

Capturing a customer's signature

To have a contract or quote signed by a customer, we offer the following options:

  • Capturing an in-person signature.

  • Capturing an e-signature for online orders, through integrating with Pandadoc.

  • Capturing an e-signature for manual and online orders, through Docusign and Zapier.

Capturing an in-person signature

1. In your Booqable account, click into a new order/reservation, and click 'New contact' or 'New Quote' in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

A downloadable, and printable, PDF document will be created based on the template's that you can customize in your document settings.

By clicking the two highlighted links in the first image below, 'Create/Sign Document' and 'Confirm', the pop-up box to capture a customer's signature in person will appear (as seen in the second image). This is easiest if you are working on an iPad or tablet that you can hand over to the customer, but this can also work well with a desktop or laptop mouse.

Requesting an e-signature through PandaDoc

1. Booqable offers a Terms and Agreement option for you to add to your online checkout, for your customers to accept before they place an order. This appears as a checkbox that reads, "I accept the Terms and Agreements", which will link to your full Terms and Agreements if selected.

In Settings > Online checkout > Terms and Agreements, you can add your own terms and agreements to your online checkout. This is through the checkbox that you can set as a mandatory field for your customers to select before they can proceed to payment.

2. A Booqable development partner, Hawkencreative, has built a custom integration with a document app Pandadoc, to allow for a Booqable contract or quote to be sent to the customer automatically from the online checkout (based on various triggers). This also allows the customer to sign this document electronically.

To purchase this integration, you can contact Hawkencreative directly via his website.

Requesting an e-signature through DocuSign and Zapier.

1. This is a fairly quick setup that can be completed within 30-60 min. By connecting Booqable to Docusign, through the app-connecting platform Zapier, there are a number of triggers available for you to send an e-signature request automatically to your customers, such as at the time of reservation.

You can take a look at all the possible communication automations between Booqable and Docusign here.

The use of Zapier and access to the API (required for PandaDoc integrations), are only available for Pro and Premium plan subscriptions at this time.

You can take a look at all the helpful features included in the popular Pro plan on the pricing page of

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