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How to edit document templates
How to edit document templates

Learn how to create engaging automatically-generated documents by editing document templates in Booqable.

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Document templates allow you to choose which information to show on your invoices, quotes, and contracts.

Templates also save you time, because you don't have to enter the same information on each individual document.

How it works

1. Edit document templates

1. Go to Settings > Documents.

2. Click Customize templates in the Document templates section.

3. Click the tab for Invoices, Contracts, or Quotes to edit the corresponding template.

2. Add a document number prefix

Add a prefix to document numbers to make it easier to identify different documents.

You can add dynamic values (like a year or order number) and custom prefixes.

You can start a new numbering sequence for each prefix (to have a new invoice count each year, for example). To set up the numbering sequence, head over to the main document settings under Settings > Documents.

💡Note: Changes to document numbers only apply to new documents; Booqable does not update the numbers of existing documents.

3. Add or hide product lines

Show or hide (elements of) the product lines on your documents.

List individual stock

Show specific stock items on a document.

For example, you may want to hide stock items on a quote because you don't know which exact items you'll be renting out.

Show product images

Product images make it easier to recognize the items that your customers rent.

Hide product lines

Hide all product lines on a document. When this setting is enabled, documents only show sections and the price of the items within them.

Note: Make sure all product lines on your order are in a section. Lines outside of sections are not displayed (but count towards the order totals, causing the total amount to look "off").

Show free items on invoices

Show or hide zero amount (no charge) lines on invoices.

Note: This setting is only available for invoices.

Also, note that Booqable only generates a new invoice when there's an amount to charge or refund.

4. Add additional information

You can add additional information to a document's footer. You can use this space to list your payment terms, or rental agreement, for example.

The information you enter here shows on every new document you create, but you can change or remove it on individual documents.

You're all set!

You have now successfully learned how to edit document templates in Booqable.

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