How to use the dashboard

Learn how to easily organize your day by using the Booqable order dashboard.

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The dashboard is the first thing you will see when logging into your Booqable account, and a great tool you can use to plan your day.

This article will go through the main functions of this page, and how it can help you streamline your workday.

How it works

The dashboard is Booqable's version of a daily rental organiser. It displays the schedule order pickups, and order returns, you can expect for the day (or custom time period) so your team can always stay on top of tasks.

It also notifies your team of late pickups and late returns, and allows a section of the page to leave notes regarding certain orders or the day ahead in general.

1. View pickups and returns

You can view all the pickups and returns due for the day, and also be notified of any late pickups and returns.

2. Set a specific time period

You can change the time period on the dashboard by selecting the calendar button titled ‘today’. You can choose from the duration options on the left hand column, or use the calendar to choose a custom time period.

3. Run a pickup report

The ‘Run report’ button will redirect you to the reporting feature, available on our pro and premium plans, where you can create a printable pickup report for the time period you have selected.

When orders appear in these panels, hovering your mouse over the order will display a link that can redirect you to the full order details.

You're all set!

You have now successfully learned how to organise your day using the Booqable dashboard.

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