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Getting started with product barcodes
Getting started with product barcodes

Learn the basics of optimizing product tracking by getting started with product barcodes in Booqable.

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When tracking rental products with serial numbers (or product identifier codes); it is all too easy for employees to accidentally invert numbers, skip a line, or misread a number, when typing or assigning these item codes onto an order.

Businesses are opting to use barcodes on their products instead; which are small, alphanumerical codes labelled onto products which can be scanned onto an order in seconds.

Booqable's barcode feature is our popular all-in-one system; incorporating a barcode generator, a barcode importer, and a built-in barcode scanner to ensure the capture of the correct product information when checking products in and out of your store.

How it works

1. Import pre-purchased barcodes

If you already have purchased or set up barcodes for your rental products, you can learn how to import pre-purchased barcodes into Booqable.

2. Use Booqable's barcode generator

If you haven't already purchased or set up barcodes for your rental products, you can learn how to use Booqable's own barcode generator.

3. Scan barcodes in Booqable

When orders start flowing in; you can use the barcode scanner to speed up the order process, bring up a products upcoming orders, and assign customers to orders. You can learn how to do this and more through our tutorial how to scan barcodes in Booqable.


1. Do I need to purchase my own barcode scanner?

Thankfully, no! Booqable comes with a fully digital, built-in barcode scanner as part of our free iOS and Android mobile app, avoiding the upfront cost of purchasing a physical one.

However, if you need to quickly scan more than 10 items at the checkout, it is still okay to use a physical barcode scanner.

2. Can my team scan items from their smartphones at the same time?

As each member of your team can have access to your Booqable account off their smartphone via the mobile app, your team can scan items on and off an order without having to wait until a physical barcode scanner is not in use.

You're all set!

You can successfully started your journey in experiencing the huge benefits of incorporating Booqable's barcode system in your rental business.

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