Rental businesses use some of the most intricate pricing structures around. Others don't price their products at all. To facilitate this, Booqable uses a very flexible pricing system.

Enable or disable pricing

You can enable or disable pricing under Settings > Pricing.

Note: When pricing is turned off, all mention of pricing is removed from Booqable's interface, and you won't be able to create quotes and invoices.

To set up pricing for a product:

  1. Go to the product and click the Pricing tab.
  2. Choose a pricing method:
  • None - Do not charge for a product.
  • Fixed - Charge a fixed price, regardless of the rental period.
  • Flat-fee - Use a simple flat-fee price (e.g. $50.00 per day).
  • Structure - Create a pricing structure (e.g. $50.00 for 1 day, and $75.00 for 2 days). 
  • Template structure - Apply a versatile pricing structure that can be assigned to multiple products following the same structure, even if they're priced differently.

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