Customers are an essential part of your business. Booqable provides you with an easy way to organize all your customers in one place, and manage them efficiently.

Adding and deleting customers

To add a new customer:

  1. Click Customers from the main navigation, and then click Add a new customer.

  2. Fill in the applicable fields (at least a name is required).

  3. Click Save to create the customer.

To delete a customer:

  1. Click Customers from the main navigation.

  2. Click the customer you want to delete from the system.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click Delete.

Note: By default, Booqable automatically creates a new customer for every order coming from your Online store. To prevent duplicate customers, enable Customer accounts to let customers log in during checkout.

Customer settings

You can set up custom tax profiles, discounts, and security deposits for individual customers, which are automatically applied to their rental orders.

Note: Customers need to be logged in to their Customer account for these settings to take effect in your Online store.

Set a discount percentage for a customer:
You can give your regulars a discount that's automatically applied to their orders.

  1. Click Customers and select a customer.

  2. Fill in the desired discount percentage under the settings section.

  3. Click Save.

Assign a (regional) tax profile to a customer:

Some customers may be taxed differently than others. You can create and assign customer tax profiles to individual customers that are tax-exempt, for example.

  1. Click Customers and select a customer.

  2. Under Tax profile, select the desired tax profile from the dropdown.

  3. Click Save.

To assign a security deposit to a customer:

You can override the default security deposit for certain customers.
For example, regulars you trust may need to pay a lower security deposit or none at all. 

  1. Click Customers and select a customer.

  2. Under Security deposit, select the option that should be applied to new orders automatically.

  3. Click Save.

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