Damage deposits help give you some insurance your products are returned the way you rented them out, or help you cover the costs of the repairs or replacement.

There are a couple of ways you can charge a damage deposit:

  • None
    Don't charge a damage deposit.
  • Order amount
    Charge a percentage of the total amount of an order.
  • Product damage deposit value
    Charge a percentage of the total damage deposit value of the products on an order. This lets you charge different deposit amounts for different products.
  • Fixed amount
    Charge a fixed fixed amount, regardless of the products on the order.

Set a default damage deposit (online and in-store)

The default damage deposit is applied to both online and offline orders automatically.
You can override the damage deposit from the order screen. 

To set up a default damage deposit, go to Settings > Pricing > Damage deposit.

Configure the damage deposit value of products

You can charge a percentage of the damage deposit value of your products.

To set the damage deposit value for a product:

  1. Click Products and then click the product you want to set the deposit value for.
  2. Click Pricing.
  3. Fill in your desired damage deposit value.
  4. Click Save.

Ask for a damage deposit on an order

On an order, you can charge a percentage of the damage deposit value of your products, a fixed amount, or none at all. 

To set up a damage deposit for an order:

  1. From an order, click the cogwheel icon behind the damage deposit line.
  2. Choose the damage deposit method.
  3. Click Apply.

Charging and refunding damage deposits

Charge a damage deposit at the the pick up of an order, and (partially) refund it when a customer returns your products.

To charge or refund a damage deposit:

  1. View an order or invoice.
  2. In the right sidebar, click the + Payment drop-down.
  3. Choose if you want to add or refund a payment.
  4. Enter the damage deposit amount you want to charge or refund.
  5. Click Register payment.

Configure default damage deposits for customers

You can configure default deposit rules for certain customers (regulars you trust, for example).

To set the default damage deposit for customers:

  1. Click Customers and then click the customer you want to configure defaults for.
  2. Select a value under Damage Deposit,  
  3. Click Save customer.


I don't see the damage deposit applied in my online store

First, check the default damage deposit setting. 

If you interacted with your shopping cart before changing the damage deposit, the previous settings are still saved in your browser. Here are 3 ways to clear the settings:

  • Visit your store from a private browsing window.
  • Complete an online order; the damage deposit is applied for the next order.
  • Delete the settings manually:

    1 - From your online store, open your browser console,
    2 - Paste window.localStorage.clear();  in the console and press Enter,
    3 - Refresh the page.
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