Zapier allows you to connect Booqable to 2,000+ applications like Xero and Quickbooks. In just a few clicks, you can automate tasks like: 

  • Adding Booqable invoices to your favorite accounting software¬†

  • Getting SMS alerts when new payments come in,

  • Adding new orders to Google Sheets and Calendar.

Connecting your Booqable account

To allow Zapier to access your Booqable account, you'll need to provide an API key.
You can create API keys in your user account settings.

1. Go to User settings from the lower-left of the screen.

2. Create a new API key (called "Zapier" for example) and copy it to your clipboard.

Note: Keep your keys secret and only share them with applications you trust; they grant full access to your Booqable account!

Next, log in to your Zapier account search for Booqable. When prompted, fill in the address to your Booqable account and the API key your just created:

Click continue and that's it! You're now ready to connect Booqable to other applications and start creating Zaps.

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