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Getting started with the Booqable API and Zapier
Getting started with the Booqable API and Zapier

Learn all the platform customization and integrations possible when accessing both Booqable's API, and Zapier.

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Are you and your team interested in customizing the Booqable platform, or integrating Booqable directly with a custom-built or existing software?

Or perhaps you wish to connect Booqable to a well-known application through a pre-built integration, to automate tasks such as the the transfer of information from one platform to another?

Maybe you would love to begin tracking the activity that happens on the online checkout of your rental store, so you can see where customers may be leaving your site before processing an order?

The Booqable API, Zapier, and Analytics tracking can all make this happen!

How it works

1. API

API stands for Application Programming Interface, which is essentially the framework to how Booqable works and communicates to other applications.

Developers often adjust platforms like Booqable, or create custom integrations between them other platforms, which you can do so yourself by accessing the Open API and learning how to create an API key.

2. Zapier is an app-to-app communication platform that allows you to connect Booqable to 5,000+ applications, such as Xero and Quickbooks, through pre-built integrations that sends information from one app to the other. To connect Booqable with other applications, you can learn how to connect Booqable to other applications through Zapier.

3. Analytics tracking

Analytics tracking allows you to monitor, through marketing channels, how customers behave and click through on your online store. To track events that occur on your Booqable online checkout, you can learn how to set up analytics tracking using additional checkout scripts.

💡Note: Access to the API is limited to our Pro and Premium plans.

💡Note: Only share your API keys with apps you trust. They grant full access to your Booqable account.

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