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How to create an API key
How to create an API key

Learn how easy it is to customize an account, or account integration, by creating an API key in Booqable.

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An application programming interface (API) key is a code used to identify an application or user and is used for authentication in computer applications.

In Booqable, you can create API keys to connect your Booqable account to another platform, or make modifications of the front-end or back-end of Booqable's interface.

How it works

💡Note: API usage and API keys are only available on the Pro and Premium plans.

1. Hover over your avatar in the lower-left corner
Your avatar will either be an image you uploaded or a circle with the user account's initials in it.

2. Click on the User settings option in the menu that pops up

3. Once in the User settings, you can scroll down a bit and see a section called Authentication Methods. This is located below the user account options.

4. Within the Authentication Methods section, you will see an option to create a New Authentication Method. Here you will put your reason or Use for the API. It can be a single word. Something like "Zapier" or "Postman" or any description so you know that this API key is used in a specific location.

5. Once you fill in the description, you can click on Save and an API key will be created for you. You can then highlight and copy the key and use it where ever you need it

💡Note: API Keys will hold the same user limitations in permissions as the user account which they are made on.

You're all set!

You have now successfully learned how to create an API key.

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