As a rental company, you'll want to know where your inventory is at any given time.
That's why it's important to keep track of pickups and returns.

Customers picking up items

When a customer picks up an order, click Pick up items in the top right of the order screen. You'll be prompted which items you want to give to your customer. 

For bulk products, just enter the number of items you give out:

For tracked products, choose which exact stock item(s) you give out with your customer (if you haven't already specified this while creating the order). 

Note: If you've added expected or temporary stock to your inventory, Booqable will display the recommended stock items to select at pickup. By specifying these, you minimize the risk of shortages on future rental orders.

Finally, click Pick up items.

By default, all items are selected for pickup. If you use a barcode scanner, all items are automatically deselected the moment you start scanning.

Returning items

Registering when your customer returns your items works similar to pickups; just select the items to return:

Next, click Return items.

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