To create a new invoice based on the current order, click New invoice from the right sidebar when viewing an order.

  • Initially, invoices are Pro-forma:
    Pro-forma invoices don't have a number, and the invoice amount doesn't count towards the Turnover in Documents and Reports.

    While pro-forma invoices shouldn't be treated as accounts receivable, in some cases, they are sent to customers. For example, when the final details of the order are not known yet.
  • To make your invoice official, click Finalize from the top-bar.
    The invoice receives a number, and its amount adds to the turnover.

Sending invoices

To quickly add a PDF of your invoice to a new email, click Send to from the top-bar.

Tip: To speed up your workflow, there's a customizable email template for sending invoices; select it from the template drop-down.

Changing invoice numbers

Invoice numbers increment automatically.
To change your invoice numbering: 

  1. Click the pencil icon after the invoice number of a finalized invoice. 
  2. Change the number, and Booqable will pick up from there. 

You can also add an optional prefix to your invoice number, including dynamic values like the year or order number. Set up prefixes in Settings > Documents:

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