How to choose a pricing plan

Learn how to keep transforming your rental store with Booqable through choosing the right pricing plan.

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Booqable offers different pricing plans to fit multiple needs and budgets. 

Each plan offers a different feature set, and a different quantity of seats (user accounts for team members) to suit the stage and size your business is currently at.

How it works

f you’re not sure which plan best fits your business, the best thing to start with is to register for a free trial to see how Booqable’s features help you run your rental business.

You can always upgrade your plan at a later stage, and you won't lose any of the work you do during your free trial when you upgrade to a paid plan.

1. Essential, Pro, and Premium

Booqable offers three main plans that you can choose to start running your rental business through Booqable.

1. To understand the three different prices Booqable offers for a subscription; click the button below to compare our Essential, Pro, and Premium plan rates and inclusions.

2. Monthly or annual subscriptions

All paid plans are available as monthly and yearly subscriptions.

You can choose between a monthly and an annual subscription when you pick a plan, and also change this at a later date.

💡 Tip: You receive a discount by paying annually instead of monthly.

1. To switch between annual and monthly billing, head over to Settings > Account and billing and click Change plan under Current Plan.

3. Upgrade and downgrade your plan

You can upgrade or downgrade your account's plan at any time!

If you upgrade your plan, any unspent time on your previous plan will be prorated, and if you downgrade your plan, credit is issued to your account for any unspent time on your previous plan.

1. To change your current plan, head over to Settings > Account and billing and click Change plan. Next, click Choose plan under your desired plan.

4. Pause or cancel your account

Pausing your Booqable account, otherwise known as putting it on hold, freezes the subscription for only $10 per month. Your data and account remain safe and secure.

1. If you want to put your account on hold or cancel your subscription, please go to Settings > Account & Billing > Account status.

2. Once you decide to continue with Booqable, simply log back in and select a plan.

💡Note: We don’t offer refunds for canceled subscriptions. If you choose to cancel, we’ll give you a prorated credit based on the amount of time remaining on your billing cycle, and you are welcome to use that credit towards reactivating your Booqable account in the future.

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