How to add product images

Learn how to show off your rental products by adding product images in Booqable.

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Product images in Booqable are displayed on both documents and the online store, to show your customers how your products look before delivery or pick-up.

This article will guide you on all the steps you can take to find, add, and manage the best product images for your inventory in Booqable.

How it works

1. Add product images

  1. From the Inventory page, click into a product and click the Settings tab.

  2. In the Images section, click Upload or drag and drop images from your computer.

3. Click and drag images to change their order of appearance on your online store.

💡Note: The first image (in the top-left) is the primary image. The primary image is displayed as the thumbnail in your online store, on documents, and on your manual order screen for you and your team to view.

Additional images are visible on your online store only. They're used to show details or show your products from different angles, for example.

2. Center your images by using focal points

To improve your image side-by-side display in your online store or on your documents, Booqable automatically displays them in the same (square) aspect ratio.

To ensure that a key part of an image always stays visible, you can set the image's focal point. The focal point sets the focus of an image, giving you control over where the image is centered.

  1. From a product's Settings tab, hover over the image and click the Edit button.

  1. The focal point is displayed as a small circle. Click and drag the circle to set the central focus area. 

3. Set a variation image

You can link product images to variations (to show products in different colors, for example).

In your online store, the main image displays until customers select a variation from the drop-down menu.

💡Note: You need to add product images before you can select them as a variation image.

  1. Head over to the Variations tab of a product.

  2. Click the Edit icon behind a variation.

  3. Click the Image in front of the variation.

  4. Choose a product image from the popup, and click save.

4. Source images online

Booqable can easily find images online to quickly get you up and running as you start your Booqable journey.

💡Note: It's strongly recommended that you source your own images to prevent accidentally breaking product image copyright laws.

While Booqable attempts to find images that allow commercial use, this doesn't guarantee that you'll be able to avoid copyright infringement. Sometimes it is impossible to tell unless you contact the owner and ask.

1. From the Inventory page, click into a product and click the Settings tab.

2. In the Images section, click Find and the image pop-up should appear.

Click the arrows to browse through the images that Booqable suggests, and adjust your product name in the text field to bring up different search results.

3. Click Add.

You're all set!

You have now successfully learned how to add product images in Booqable.

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