How to perform bulk operations

Learn how to cut down on large tasks by performing bulk operations within Booqable.

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Bulk operations allow you to select multiple orders, customers, or products to perform various actions at once. This can include updating a product tax profile for your entire inventory in one click, or download multiple packing slips for the day's order list at once.

Follow the guide below to learn how you can easily perform bulk operations to save more time, and avoid repetitive tasks with Booqable.

How it works

Below is a list of available bulk actions you can undertake in Booqable on the Products, Customers, and Orders page.


  • Set taxable

  • Update product tax profile

  • Update product price and pricing method

  • Apply advanced pricing rules

  • Show products in the online store

  • Hide products from the online store

  • Set discountable

  • Set buffer time - before

  • Set buffer time - after

  • Generate barcodes

  • Add products to (sub)categories

  • Remove products from (sub)categories

  • Add tags

  • Remove tags

  • Replace tags


  • Set default security deposit

  • Update customer tax profile

  • Set discount percentage

  • Generate barcodes

  • Add tags

  • Remove tags

  • Replace tags


  • Add tags

  • Remove tags

  • Replace tags

  • Download packing slips

  • Return picked up orders

  • Archive returned orders

After you initiate a bulk operation, you'll see the bulk operations screen where you can monitor the progress in real-time, download generated files, and view additional information like errors or skipped items.

1. Select items to edit in bulk

1. On either your Orders, Customers, or Products page, use the checkboxes to select the lines on which you wish to perform a bulk operation.

2. To select all items on a page, click the master checkbox at the top of the list, or click "Select all ..." to select all results across all pages.

3. After you have selected one or more items from the list on the either the Orders, Customers, or Products page - click the Actions drop down menu.

4. From the drop-down menu, select a bulk action. Different pages each have their own set of available actions, which will be explained in the steps below

💡Note: Removing all products in bulk is currently not possible. To have your whole inventory deleted, please reach out to support at [email protected]

5. Select which properties you wish to update, and fill in the new values.

6. Confirm the action by clicking Edit all to update all selected properties, with the new values.

2. Edit tags in bulk

You can add, replace, or remove tags from the Orders, Customers, and Products pages.

  1. After you have selected one or more items from the list on the either the Orders, Customers, or Products page - click the Actions drop down menu.

  2. From the drop-down menu, select Edit tags.

  3. Choose if you wish to add, replace, or remove tags.

  4. If applicable, choose or search for existing tags from the Available tags section.

  5. The Selected tags section lists the tags that will be added, replaced, or removed.

  6. Confirm the action to update the tags for the selected items.

3. Generate barcodes

You can follow the instructions below to create barcodes for customers, products, product variations, and product stock items.

  1. (When generating barcodes for products) choose if you want to create barcodes for the main products (or their variations) or for individual stock items.

  2. Choose whether to create barcodes for just the items that don't have barcodes yet or to replace existing barcodes with new ones.

  3. Choose a barcode type.

  4. Click Generate barcodes.

4. Download packing slips in bulk

Download a PDF containing all packing slips for the selected orders. Useful if you want to print packing slips to prepare all orders going out today, for example.

1. After you have selected one or more items from the Orders page, click the Actions drop-down menu.

2. From the bulk action options, select Download packing slips.

5. Archive items

Archiving a customer or a (returned) order means you will remove the item from your system, while also retaining its data in the backend for any reports you wish to generate about your previous business activity.

1. Go to your Orders or Customers page.

2. Select the order or customer you wish to Archive from the tick-box next to it.

3. Select the Actions drop-down menu.

4. Select Archive.

6. Import products in bulk

One of the main bulk actions you can take in Booqable is to import your entire inventory in bulk. This prevents the repetitive task of adding products individually if you have already created a product database through a CSV or Excel file, and allows you to import unique information like barcodes, serial numbers, and custom fields.

You're all set!

You have now successfully learned how to perform bulk operations to save even more time with Booqable.

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