How to view user account login activity

Learn how to view login activity for user account anytime, anywhere, straight from your account Booqable.

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It is a good idea to periodically check that you are the only one accessing your user account in Booqable.

Luckily, Booqable has a feature for that!

Viewing your user account login activity

1. Hover over your avatar in the lower-left corner
Your avatar will either be an image you uploaded or a circle with the user account's initials in it.

2. Click on the User settings option in the menu that pops up.

3. Once in the User settings, you can scroll down a bit and see a section for Login Activity.

The login activity will show any attempt to log in, and whether or not it was successful. The list will also show what device was used to log in, and if that device was a computer or not, and where the device was located at the time of attempting to log in. A duration will also be shown for how long ago the attempt was.

Options when displaying login activity

When looking at the login activity, there are a few extra options you can see as well.

If you hover over the device name and location, you will be able to see the IP address that the device was linked to:

Hovering over the past duration of the login attempt will also give you an exact date and time that the login attempt was made at:

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