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How to limit access to Booqable using IP restrictions
How to limit access to Booqable using IP restrictions

Learn how to create even more security for your Booqable account by limiting access to a predefined list of IP addresses.

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If you take the security of your rental management account seriously, you may be interested in Booqable's IP restrictions tool!

Available on the Premium plan, this feature enables you to only allow team members with a selected IP address to gain access to your Booqable account.

The following article will guide you through how to understand and set up IP restrictions in your Booqable account.

How it works

An IP address is a unique address attached to your device connected the internet, or a local network.

Every employee that logs into your Booqable account will have their own IP address if they are doing so from different devices.

You can set up IP restrictions if you'd like your employees to only sign in to Booqable from the devices they access in the office, for example. This tool can also protect your account from the unfortunate event of an employee's Booqable login credentials being stolen.

1. Understanding your trusted IP addresses

Before can understand your business's IP address, it is important to know that IP addresses come in two types: static and dynamic.

1. Static IP addresses.

Static IP addresses are the same every time you're online.

For business use, static IP addresses are recommended. Your internet provider can supply you with a static IP address.

2. Dynamic IP addresses.

Dynamic IP addresses may change each time you connect to your network.

If you or your employees have dynamic IP addresses, you may need to add or update the IP address regularly.

3. Choose your trusted IP address.

If you do not know what your IP address is, follow the below instructions.

1. Google "What is my IP" and you'll see the IP address of the computer or device you're currently using.

2. Chose the devices of your employees that you trust to be used to login to your Booqable account.

3. Once chosen, repeat this step for each device and take note of their IP addresses.

2. Set up IP restrictions

By setting up IP restrictions, only employees accessing Booqable from the addresses you choose will be able to log in. These restrictions do not apply to the account owner.

Users with IP addresses that do not match the addresses on the list will receive an error when attempting to access the Booqable account.

Follow the steps below to set up IP restrictions in your account.

  1. Head over to Settings > Security.

  2. In the IP restrictions section, select Enable IP restrictions and click New IP address.

  3. Enter a description (like the name of a location or employee) and the allowed IP address (IPv4 or IPv6 format).

You're all set!

You have now successfully learnt how to protect your account even further, by using IP restrictions in Booqable.

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