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Learn the different purpose of different website sections
Learn the different purpose of different website sections

Learn how to create the perfect rental store with different website sections in the Booqable Rental Website Builder.

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Website sections are the building blocks of your rental website. They will help you to add content, embed products, and create an excellent booking experience for your customers.

Follow the guide below to learn the different purposes of different website sections on your Booqable rental website.

How it works

Below are the sections available for building your rental website.

1. Header

The Header appears at the top of all your pages. This is where your logo/company name, search bar, and the cart will live. You can also create and add menus.

2. Image banner

The Image Banner will be used as the header section for your homepage as a default, and you can edit the text, image, button, and alignment. It can also be used to display content on other parts of your website.

3. Products

You can add Products to your website to show off specific products, for example, your most rented items, to give customers easy access to these products.

4. Collections

Adding Collections allows you to display curated product collections on your website, enabling customers to navigate to the most relevant products quickly.

5. Columns

Columns allow you to add written content to your website where you can talk about your business, what customers should expect, and any special offers you have.

6. Date picker

Adding the Date Picker will allow customers to select their rental period. If you have locations available, they can also select the location they want to pick it up from.

7. Text

The Text section allows you to add titles and written copy wherever you want on your website. In the case of this example, it is being used as a title for the date picker.

8. Spacer

Adding a Spacer will create a space between two sections. It can either be clear or you can add a horizontal ruler and change the color and size to your preference.

9. Form

The contact form section will create a form that can be used by customers to send questions directly to the company. Any questions asked via the form will be sent to the e-mail address specified in Settings > Company information.

10. Footer

The Footer will appear at the bottom of all pages on your website. You can edit the alignment of your copyright, add social media icons, and add menus like with the Header.

You're all set!

You have now successfully learned the different purpose of different website sections in Booqable.

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