Adding a favicon to your website

Control the identity of your site by adding a custom favicon

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A favicon is a small square image that appears on a website's browser tab, to the left of the site title. By default, a Booqable logo is shown as the favicon of the website created in the Booqable website builder and during checkout.

To further fit your site's brand, you can change the default favicon to the logo of your company or an image of your choice.

Add a favicon

To add a favicon:

  1. Go into Settings -> Online Reservations -> Preferences -> Favicon

  2. Click on Upload image or drag an image into the image uploader field

  3. Once a preview of the image is shown, click on Save

Recommended favicon size

The favicon should be a square image of 48 by 48 pixels or 64 by 64 pixels.

Favicon formats

The following image types can be uploaded: .ico, .jpg, .svg, and .png.

💡 Note: The favicon will also be displayed on the checkout page if you are embedding Booqable on a 3rd party website

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