There are several areas on your website where you can add internal and external links, including buttons,, columns, and image with text sections. This guide will show you how you can add links to these sections and the difference between adding internal and external links.

You can also add links to your menu bar. To learn about this, click here.

Adding links in context

You can add links to columns, and image with text sections through the button options while editing the content you want to show. First, you need to open up the settings for the section you where you want to add a link.

Then, scroll down to the button settings and add a label. This will be what the button says on your website. You can then choose to add an internal or external link. To add an internal link, click filed labeled select. You will then be given a list of pages to choose from.

To add an external link, you can simply paste the link into the field and click "Create [web address]". For this example, we will use Booqable's homepage.

Then, you can choose how you want to display the link. You can display it as highlighted text or as a button. In addition, you can choose the color of both the button and the text, as well as the size of the button.

This way of adding a link applies to both columns and image with text sections.

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