Booqable has two main ways of keeping track of your inventory: individually and in bulk. Here's the difference:

When your customer picks up an individually trackable product, you have to specify which exact item you're giving out. 

For bulk products, you only specify how many items you're giving out.

Which tracking method should I choose?

Individually tracked products make sense when you need to know which customer had which exact item at any given time. Perfect for items like cameras or bicycles. 

Items tracked in bulk are useful when you rent out cutlery for an event for example; it wouldn't make sense (and would take too much time) to specify which exact forks are out with your customer.

Adding new products

  1. Click Products and then click Add a new product.
  2. Enter the Name for your product as your customers would see it.
    For trackable items: you can name the individual items in the next step.
  3. Choose a Pricing method.
    You can set up advanced pricing methods after you create the product.
  4. Select the appropriate tracking method and specify the number of items to add. 

Adding and removing individually tracked items

When creating a trackable product, Booqable automatically assigns identifiers to the stock items. Identifiers help you keep track of each item's whereabouts and history.

By default, the stock items are numbered (1, 2, 3, etc.), but you can change it to whatever lets you quickly recognize the items.

The inventory screen for a trackable product looks like this:

  • To add a stock item, click Add stock item at the bottom of the list.

    If you've set up multiple variations of a product, you might have to choose which variation you're adding.
  • To remove a stock item, click the Archive button at the end of a stock item row.
    This will decommission the stock item.

    Booqable will prevent you from accidentally creating shortages, or deleting items that are booked on current or future orders.
    Archiving stock items preserves historical data.

Adding and removing bulk items

For bulk products you don't manage the individual items; you only define how many items you have:

This option is best used when you handle large quantities and don't necessarily need to know who had which exact item.

To add or remove stock, specify how many items you want to add or remove from your inventory.

When removing bulk items, Booqable will warn you about shortages but allow you to remove the stock items.

Deleting products

In most cases, you'll want to remove stock items instead of deleting products entirely.
However, to delete a product:

  1. View the product you want to delete
  2. Click the Settings tab
  3. Click Delete product at the bottom of the page.

To prevent nasty surprises when customers come to pick up or return items, Booqable will protect you from accidentally deleting products that are booked on current or future orders.

Deleting a product also removes any historical information related to that product.

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