If you don't want to show availability for your products, you can disable availability by going to your Online reservations settings. 

With real-time availability enabled, customers can only place orders when all items are available. Booqable will automatically reserve items for the rental duration provided. 

When disabled, customers can always place orders, and orders will come in as concepts. Once the order comes into the Booqable backend you will need to mark them as reserved if all products are available. 

Likewise, the product calendar (beta) is also an optional feature available on our embeddable product cards and the online hosted store. When your customer selects a product, a new link called ‘Show availability’ will appear to which the customer can select, and see the color-coded availability calendar for current and future dates.

Green will indicate the product is available, red will indicate it is unavailable, and orange will indicate partial availability on this day. The numbers of available items for this day will also be displayed in the coloured bar on each date.

You can enable or disable this by going into Settings > Online reservations > Availability, and selecting the checkbox ‘Show on calendar (beta)’.

The ‘hide quantities’ checkbox will allow you to instead display only if an item is available or not, rather than also displaying the quantities of available items. The numbers of available items for this day displayed in the coloured bar will also be hidden.

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