We are happy to see your interest in learning more about how Booqable can benefit you and your business.

As you have probably already read, Booqable is a software that offers multiple solutions to any rental business:

  1. Booqable helps you plan and manage your rental orders

  2. Booqable can help you keep track of inventory (showing when products are in stock, reserved, out on an order, or returned)

  3. Booqable allows for an online shopping experience by creating an online storefront for your rental business that you can integrate with almost any website 

Booqable is proud to suit a variety of business types. We aim to offer multiple solutions to you and your rental business in a way that keeps you organized and under control.

So why choose Booqable?

Here is a brief summary of the key benefits to using Booqable as your rental management software:

1 - Speed up your rental process into a simplified process

  • Use Barcodes within Booqable to add items to your order, check them out and check them back in

  • Streamline the order process with labeled stages for each order; concept order, reserved, picked up, returned

  • Specify your stock in advance or at pickup so that you know exactly which item your customer has and when

2 - Keeping track of your inventory 

  • See order history per customer so that you know who had what and when

  • See what is in-house and what is out with your customers 

  • See what’s available at any given time using the built in calendar

3 - Accept rental orders the way you want

  • Accept In-store (walk-ins) or online order reservations

  • Use the booqable shopping experience on your website: add a Booqable Cart and your booqable products to your own website

  • Customize the shopping cart to fit your business: translations, brand color, rental periods, business hours, even optional services

  • Price your items in flexible ways that match your business model, or hide pricing all together!

  • Collect any information you need from your customer using custom fields in the checkout

  • Increase sales and increase return customers with coupon codes

4 - Get paid faster

  • Create Invoices, Quotes, and/or Contracts for each order

  • Use Stripe and Paypal Integrated payments to ensure you get paid

  • Send payment requests with your documents so your customers can pay online

  • Take down payments, partial payments and/or refundable deposits

  • Create authorized holds through Stripe

  • Issue refunds right from within booqable (Stripe only)

5 - Keep your customers in the loop

  • Send Order Confirmation emails either manually from the back end or automatically for webshop orders

  • Email Documents to your customers so that they have the documents digitally available

  • Maintain Customer data within customer profiles to ensure all communication is possible!

  • Create your own email templates to send directly to your customer from your Booqable account

6 - Get a better understanding of your business as it grows

  • Use Reporting to better understand what products are most popular

  • Export information into spreadsheets to see even more facts and figures about your orders, products, customers, or reports

  • Connect your business to many other tools using Zapier integration!

  • Add google analytics to your checkout to gather useful data

Why wait? Try these solutions out for yourself using our no commitment Free Trial!

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