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Getting started with Booqable
How Booqable changes rental management
How Booqable changes rental management

Learn how to transform your rental business management with Booqable Rental Software.

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As the highest rated online rental management system, Booqable's main goal is to transform how will efficiently run your rental business, and the ability it has to scale.

Booqable is designed to so you can rent out products in a wide variety of sectors, such as weddings and events, AV, bike rentals, construction, costumes and clothing, and educational.

We have created automated workflows for reserving products, accepting online reservations, tracking stock, sending documents, generating reports, and managing payments. This has given thousand of businesses around the world the ultimate digital antidote to outdated systems, expensive websites, and double bookings.

Build your own online store

Forget using website builders on top of your rental software that are difficult to use, and difficult to afford. Make your own rental website with live availability and online bookings straight from your Booqable account!

You can customize the layout and design of your rental website to suit your brand's own unique style.

You can sell retail products alongside your rental products in a unified checkout experience.

The rental website builder is included in ALL of Booqable's subscription plans, and allows you to accept reservations and make money anytime, anywhere.

Integrate Booqable with your current website

For those who already have a website, Booqable can empower your customers booking experience with our intuitive website plug in. You can install Booqable into most website builders to allow customers to reserve dates and items, complete the online checkout form, and pay for their orders upfront. It's easy to set up and customize, offers real-time pricing and availability, and a securely hosted checkout.

Streamline your booking process

If you accept orders over the phone, over email request, or by walk-in customers, creating manual orders in your Booqable account is a breeze. You can stay up to date on product availability, charge and register different payment types, and email important documents to your customers straight from your reservation screen.

Track products in real time

With Booqable, you can individually track your stock items, or track products in bulk to easily manage large and small quantities. A visual planner lets you see your products' availability at a glance, and the calendar can be integrated with platforms such as icalendar and Google calendar so your whole team can stay connected.

Create competitive and dynamic pricing

From a simple flat fee, to complex tiered pricing structure; Booqable calculates prices for orders automatically and supports a wide variety of tax systems and currencies. You can change the prices of your products based on dates of the year, times of the day, and days of the week - and reward your customers with discounts for longer booking durations.

Accept payments in an instant

Register payments of any kind into Booqable, like cash or transfer, or connect with Stripe or PayPal to accept payments online and in store. You can also send out payment requests from the IOS and Android mobile app.

Efficiently manage customers

Keep all of your customers in one place. Quickly view their contact information and order history, assign custom tax regions, discounts, and security deposits.

Create the perfect invoice, waiver form, and quote

Generate your businesses perfect quote, contract, and invoice templates. Generate them in seconds, and send them out in a single click with our customizable email templates that will save you endless time contacting your customers.

Every business is different. Booqable celebrates that.

Booqable is built with flexibility in mind.

โ€‹Do you lend out products without charge? Turn off pricing to remove any mention of prices from the interface, documents and online store.

โ€‹Not interested in renting out your products online? No problem, online reservations are completely optional.ย 

Booqable supports a wide variety of companies, their stage of business, and their unique workflows. The best way to see if Booqable is a fit is to try it yourself!

Join the thousands of other businesses transforming their rental future and start a free trial today.

What's next?

The Glossary is a great place to get familiar with Booqable's key concepts, and terminology.

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