While Booqable is designed to help you prevent overbooking, you can allow shortages for specific products, so you can reserve more than you have available.

This setting is useful if you don't want to decline any orders due to not having enough items in your inventory. Or because you can easily purchase more stock or sub-rent from another rental company.

To allow shortages for a product:

  1. Click on a Product and navigate to the Settings tab.

  2. Under Settings, select Allow shortage.

  3. Enter a shortage limit (the maximum allowed shortage for any date range).

Note: If you show product availability in the online store, the shortage limit will be added to the displayed availability. For example: if you have 10 items available and allow a shortage of 2, the online store will show 12 items available.

To see orders with shortages:

  1. Head over to Orders from the main navigation.

  2. Navigate to the With shortage tab to see a list of orders with shortages.

To solve shortages:

You can solve shortages by adding regular, expected, or temporary stock to your inventory. 

You can add stock from a product's inventory screen, 

Use the Available from field to create expected stock - useful if you placed purchased additional stock. Expected stock becomes regular stock after this date has passed.

Fill in the Available till field to create temporary stock - useful if you sub-rent items.

Leave both fields blank to create regular stock that's available right away and indefinitely. 

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