Create bundles to add multiple products to orders more quickly, and offer discounts to make them more appealing for your customers. 

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To create a new bundle:

  • From the main navigation, click Products

  • Click New bundle from the Bundles tab or from the dropdown in the top-right.

  • Enter a name for the bundle as you want your customers to see it.

Note: You need to create products before you can add them to a bundle.

Bundle contents

Next, add some items to the bundle. A bundle may contain rental products, services, and consumables. In the contents tab, use the search field to add products to the bundle:

Use the quantity field to choose how many items are included in the bundle. You can add as many items as you want, but note that the bundle’s availability is determined by the product with the least availability. 

You can set discounts for items when they’re rented out in a bundle. 

For products with variations, you can either select a specific variation to create a preconfigured bundle, or choose “Any variation” to (let customers) select a variation when the bundle is added to an order.

When the bundle is added to an order, you or your customers need to specify which variation to add:

Pricing and taxes

A bundle’s price is determined by its contents, using the pricing methods of the individual products. You can set up taxes and discounts for bundles from a bundle's pricing tab.


Like regular products, you can specify whether a bundle is taxable, and apply product tax profiles.


Choose whether the bundle can be (further) discounted by coupon codes or order discounts. These discounts are applied on top of discounts set for bundle contents.


Q: Can I hide a bundle's contents on documents?
A: Yes, you can apply custom CSS to hide the contents of a bundle on documents.
This hides the contents of bundles on invoices, for example:

&#document.document-invoice {
  .nested {
    display: none;
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