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How to create and redeem coupon codes
How to create and redeem coupon codes

Learn how to offer discounts through a powerful online marketing tool by setting up coupon codes in Booqable.

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Coupon codes are a popular tool used by rental stores across the world to promote a sale or promotion of their inventory, and allow discounts to be easily added to orders in a click.

The guide below will show you how you can easily create and redeem coupon codes in your Booqable account for online, and in-store orders.

How it works

Coupon codes are created in Booqable for the purpose of allowing customers to easily apply their own discounts to their order in the online checkout, like below.

However, your team can also manually apply it to an order in the Booqable backend like below, which is helpful for an in-store sale.

Discounts are applied proportionally over the products on an order, and if the discount is equal to or larger than the order value, the order value is discounted to $0.

1. Create a coupon code

  1. Go to Settings > Pricing

  2. Under coupon codes, click New coupon code.

  3. Enter the name for the code (for example, SPECIAL20).

  4. Select the discount type and enter a percentage or monetary value for the discount.

  5. Click Save.

Now, you can send this code to your customers by email, distribute it to your team for in-store discounts, or display it on your website to promote a store-wide sale.

💡Note: You can enable and disable coupon codes at any time using the toggle switch. Disabled codes cannot be redeemed.

2. Exclude certain products from coupon code discounts

You can exclude specific products from being discounted if the discounts provided by coupon codes do not apply to certain products.

1. Click into the product on your Inventory page.

2. Click on the Pricing tab in the product, and scroll down to the Discountable section.

3. Untick the checkbox titled 'Discountable'.

You're all set!

You have now successfully learned how to create and redeem coupon codes in Booqable.

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