IP restrictions allow you to limit access to your Booqable account to a predefined list of IP addresses. For example, you can set up IP restrictions if you'd like your employees to sign in only when they are in the office. IP restrictions are available in the Premium plan.

Note: IP restrictions do not apply to the account owner.

To set up IP restrictions:

  1. Head over to Settings > Security.

  2. In the IP restrictions section, select Enable IP restrictions and click New IP address.

  3. Enter a description (like the name of a location or employee) and the allowed IP address (IPv4 or IPv6 format).

Only employees accessing Booqable from the defined addresses will be able to log in. Users with IP addresses that do not match the addresses on the list will receive an error when attempting to access the Booqable account.

What is my IP address?

If you do not know what your IP address is, you can Google "What is my IP" and you'll see the IP address of the computer or device you're currently using.

Static vs. dynamic IP addresses

It's important to know that IP addresses come in two types: static and dynamic. Static IP addresses are the same every time you're online, whereas dynamic IP addresses may change each time you connect to your network.

For business use, static IP addresses are recommended. Your internet provider can supply you with a static IP address.

If you or your employees have dynamic IP addresses, you may need to add or update the IP address regularly.

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