Your customers can sort the products in your online store to find what they are looking for fast.

There are different sorting methods in your online store:

  • Standard sorting (Product names + custom sorting)

  • Price (Ascending)

  • Price (Descending)

  • Newest first

Custom sorting

The products in your online store are sorted alphabetically by default.

You can change the sort order to move one or more products to the top (or bottom) of the list.

To set a product's sorting order:

  1. Go to Products and choose the product for which you want to change the sort order.

  2. Head over to the Settings tab and scroll down to the Online store section.

  3. Enter the desired Sorting order (positive or negative).

All items default to the value zero. The custom sorting displays products with lower numbers first. Products with the same sort order value are sorted alphabetically.

Default sorting method

You can choose how your products are sorted when a customer first visits your online store.

To set the default sorting method:

  1. In your Booqable admin, go to Settings > Online reservations.

  2. Scroll down to the Sorting and filtering section and choose your desired Default product sorting method.

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