After you create barcodes, you can use a computer-connectable barcode reader to scan your items in order to speed up your workflow and reduce human-error.

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Identify items, customers, and orders

You can scan barcodes to quickly identify products, stock items, customers, and orders.

  1. Open the barcode scanner from the main menu.

  2. Scan the barcode of a product, stock item, customer, or order.

Add items to an order

You can scan barcodes to populate your orders with products and (optionally) specific stock items.

  1. From an order, open the barcode scanner from the product search bar.

  2. Scan the barcodes of the products or stock items you want to add.

  3. Click Confirm.

Mark items as picked up or returned

You can scan barcodes to make sure your customer picks up (or returns) the correct items.

  1. From an order, click Pick up items or Return items.

  2. Click Scan barcodes.

  3. Scan the barcodes of the items you want to mark as picked up or returned.

Note: For trackable products, you need to scan the barcodes of the specific stock items, not the barcode for the product itself.

Add a customer to an order

You can scan a barcode (on a customer card, for example) to ensure you add the correct customer to an order.

  1. From an order, open the barcode scanner from the customer search bar.

  2. Scan a customer barcode.

Barcode scanners

Booqable should work with any computer-connectible barcode scanner that can act as a keyboard input device. Still, there are a couple of considerations when choosing a scanner that fits your needs.

What barcode types will you be scanning?

Before you purchase a barcode scanner, you want to make sure it supports the barcode types you'll scan.

Laser scanners are most common. They are often cost-effective, but they can only read 1D barcodes. To scan 2D barcodes or QR codes, you need a scanner that captures images to read barcodes.

How will the scanner be used?

You'll also want to consider the environment in which you'll use the scanner. Here are some examples:

Is the scanner for indoor or outdoor use? Different scanners offer different levels of protection against water or dust.

Can you stay connected to a computer? Barcode scanners connected to a computer through USB give you a limited range, whereas Bluetooth-connected scanners are more flexible. There are also barcode scanners that store scanned barcodes until the scanner is connected to a computer again.

Setting up your barcode scanner

Your barcode scanner needs to act as a keyboard input device and add an Enter/Carriage Return after each scanned item.

Refer to your barcode scanner's manual for information on setting this up for your particular device.

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