Collections allow you to display a group of products you define yourself from within your Booqable settings. You can add as many products as you like to a collection.

`They are a great way to showcase your products when you have a large and varied inventory, for example, cameras, lenses, tripods, etc., or to group products that are usually rented together.

Note: If you have categories set up, they will automatically convert into collections upon installing a website theme.

Creating collections

To create a collection, you must go to your Booqable settings and click Collections. Here you will see a list of your existing collections; if you haven't yet added any, the only one available will be All. To create a collection, click New collection.

Then, you can name your collection, add a description and upload an image. Try to be as descriptive as possible for SEO purposes.

Once you have created a new collection, you will be brought to a Product tab where you can add products to your collection. You scroll or search through your products and add them by clicking Add to collection.

To learn about adding product collections to your website, please read our article about embedding products here.

Note: When you add new products, you will need to manually add them to the "All" collection for them to appear on your website.

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