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How to separate website sections with spacers
How to separate website sections with spacers

Learn how to create the best web layout through separating website sections in the Booqable Rental Website Builder.

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The following article will guide you on how you remain in control of your website's layout, by using spacers to effectively seperate your website sections in the design you choose.

This can be included in all of your website pages, and any templates you create for these pages.

How it works

Sometimes when you add sections to your website, you'll want to add some padding between them.

You can achieve this with a Spacer that allows you to have small, medium, and large spaces between sections. Optionally, you can add a horizontal ruler.

1. Add a spacer

To add a Spacer to your webpage, you must go to the Add section and select Spacer.

2. You can then drag and drop this spacer between the sections you wish to separate, through the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

This should effectively create a spacer between two sections on your website.

2. Create a horizontal ruler

A horiztonal ruler is a small horizontal line of space which you can choose to have in a different colour to add depth or apply a particular design between your website sections.

1. Go into the Spacer settings, and choose whether you want to have a horizontal ruler or not. You can choose what color the ruler is, and the size of the space you wish to create.

💡Note: There is no limit to the amount of website spacers you can place within your page! The more website sections you add to your page, like text or images, the more spacers you can add to seperate them.

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