In the rental website builder, you can create and edit page templates for your website. This helps all your product pages to share the same information or allows you to create a new page for specific information.

To get started, you need to click the Pages tab from the top menu in the website builder, and it will show you a list of existing pages and templates. To edit an existing template, just click on the template you'd like to edit.

For example, if you want to edit your Product page template, you'd click on that and then begin editing, rearranging, and adding content like you did when you created your website's home page. You can then preview what it looks like with a product by selecting one from the drop-down menu.

This process is the same for any existing pages like Home, Collection, Collection, and Product. You may also choose to edit your 404 and search pages.

If you want to create a new page, click Add page at the bottom of the left menu, give your page a name and select Existing template and choose from the drop-down menu or Create new template from the Page template options.

You can then, for example, create an About Us page where you can share your story with your customers. Again, you can add any available website sections to your page, edit, and rearrange them.

Any new pages can be added to your menu in your Navigation settings.

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