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Getting started with emails
Getting started with emails

Learn how communication with customers doesn't have to be a time-waster with the email tools of Booqable.

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Emails are the key tool that allows rental businesses to operate a range of tasks anytime, from anywhere. You can send reminder emails, order confirmations, invoice attachments, and even more through Booqable's email feature.

The guide below will direct you through the three easy steps to creating an email flow that allows you to save even more time with Booqable.

How it works

1. Create email templates

Why write a new email with repeated information for every order? You can create email templates in Booqable for every occasion, that you can send to customers in a click!

2. Populate email templates

You shouldn't have to waste time replacing an emails content with the customers unique name, order number, and address - it should populate automatically!

Once you have created email templates, you can fill them with little lines of code called variables that work by automatically populated the email with the unique customer and order information.

3. Edit email types and templates

Would you love to have certain emails automatically sent to your customers, without you needing to click a single button?

This is possible with Booqable's different email types and templates!

There are two types of emails that your account can send out, automated emails and manual emails, which you can learn about in the link below.

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