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Getting started with payments
Getting started with payments

Learn how you can start being rewarded for all your hard work and amazing rental products, by setting up payments today in Booqable.

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You wouldn't have a thriving rental store if you couldn't accept payments.

Booqable has made this process as stress-free as possible; so you can get paid for your rental bookings on time, in a variety of ways.

How it works

1. Accepting payments

There are many different ways you can accept payments in Booqable. From registering cash or invoice payments, to sending payment requests, to charging and authorizing credit cards - the link below will teach you everything you need to know to start getting paid today.

2. Integrating payments

In order to charge, authorize, or request payments from credit cards in Booqable - you must first integrate with an accepted payment gateway. The link below will guide you through how to set up seamless payment integrations so you can accept payments on the online checkout, in store, and via payment request.

3. Accepting online payments

With Booqable, you are in control of how much you want to charge your customers on the online checkout, and when you want to charge them. Start completing the settings linked below to set up the unique way your business wants to accept online payments in Booqable.

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