Sometimes the same product is available in different styles or types. For example, you might rent out a bike in a variety of different colors, a helmet in several different sizes, or cables with different lengths. 

Enable variations for a product

  1. View a product and go to the Variations tab.

  2. Click Enable variations for this product.

Note: this cannot be undone; a product will always be a variation product even if you remove all the variations you've added. 

Create new variations of a product:

Before you can add variations, you need to add a property that distinguishes different variations (e.g. color or size). 

First, click Add property in the top-right.
Describe what makes this product different, and click Ok

With your properties set up, you can add variations:

  1. Click Add variation in the bottom-right.

  2. Fill in the values for your properties.

  3. Click Save.

Note:  Each Variation can have a different price, overruling the price set for the main product.

Add variations of products to your inventory

Once you created variations for your product, you can add them to your inventory. This works a little differently for trackable and bulk products.

Adding stock items for a trackable product

In the product's Inventory tab, select a variation from the drop-down and click Add stock item.

Adding stock items for a bulk product

In the product's Inventory tab, use [+] and [-] to adjust stock levels for the different variations.

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