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How to create different variations of one product
How to create different variations of one product

Learn how to cut down on the time spent adding products through creating product variations.

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Sometimes the same product is available in different styles or types. For example, you might rent out a bike in a variety of different colors, a helmet in several different sizes, or cables with different lengths. 

This article will guide you through how you can easily create different variations of one product for you and your customers to select in Booqable.

How it works

1. Enable variations for an existing product

  1. Click into a product, and click the Variations tab.

  2. Click Enable variations for this product.

💡Note: this cannot be undone; a product will always be a variation product even if you remove all the variations you've added.

2. Create new variations of one product

Before you can add different variations of a product, you need to Add a Property that distinguishes different variations (e.g. color or size). 

1. Click Add property in the top-right corner of the Variations page.

2. Describe what makes this product different, such as color or size, and click Save

3. Add product variations

  1. Click Add variation in the bottom-right, and click the pencil icon to the right of each variation row that you create.

  2. Fill in the values for your properties, such as the different colors or sizes.

  3. If your variations differ in price, you can also adjust the Price field to make one variation more expensive than the other.

  4. Click Save.

4. Add stock items for product variations

Once you have created variations for your product, you can add the stock items you have of each variation to your inventory panel.

This works a little differently for trackable items and bulk items.

1. To add stock items for a trackable item, go to the Inventory tab.

2. Select a variation from the drop-down menu, and click Add stock item.

3. To add stock items to a bulk product, go to this product's Inventory tab.

4. Use [+] and [-] to adjust the stock levels for the different Variations, and Locations if you use them.

You're all set!

You have now successfully learned how to create different variations of one product in Booqable.

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