The pickups report helps prepare orders by showing all products going out for today, tomorrow, or any other date range.

Instead of checking each order individually, use the pickup report to get a compact overview of all items on all orders for the selected timeframe.

Note: After this feature is first activated on your Booqable account, it can take up to 24 hours before the report is populated with the correct data.


The performance report shows you how many times you rented out your products and -if you charge for your orders- how much money they earned you.
These reports take picked up, returned, and archived orders into account.


The Products tab lists the performance of your products.
Expand  the row of a trackable product to see details of each stock item:

Stock items  

The Stock items tab shows you how your individually trackable stock items are doing. Here, they are not grouped by product.

Information in the report

  • Rented - How often was the item rented out?

  • Rent duration - How long has the product been rented out?

  • Charge duration - For what duration has been charged?
    The rental period and charge are independent of each other.

  • Turnover - How much did the product make?
    You can view turnover based on Finalized invoices or orders which have been started or stopped. The calculated turnover doesn't take payments into account.

Note: All displayed data applies for the period selected in the left sidebar.

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