You can create codes to discount orders by a fixed amount or a percentage.
Your customers can redeem the codes online at checkout, or in person if you create an order manually.

Creating coupon codes

  1. Go to Settings > Pricing

  2. Under coupon codes, click New coupon code.

  3. Enter the name for the code (for example, SPECIAL20  ).

  4. Select the discount type and enter a percentage or monetary value for the discount.

  5. Click Save.

Now, you can send this code to your customers by email, or display it on your website for example. 

Note: You can enable and disable coupon codes at any time using the toggle switch. Disabled codes cannot be redeemed.

Redeeming coupon codes

Your customers can redeem the coupon during checkout to receive the discount:

Or you can select a coupon when you create an order manually:

Note: You can exclude specific products from being discounted.
When viewing a product, head over to its Pricing settings tab and choose whether the item is discountable or not. 

Discounts are applied proportionally over the products on an order.
If the discount is equal to or larger than the order value, the order value is discounted to $0.

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