Connect to payment gateways to accept payments from the checkout of your online store.

Choosing what you charge your customer in the webshop

You can choose what your customers need to pay when placing an order online. 

For example, you might want to charge nothing in advance for webshop orders:

Or maybe, you might want to take a partial payment for a webshop order. you can control the percentage of the partial payment:

but maybe you don't want to charge the security deposit at checkout, which is especially useful for large or expensive orders.

The refundable security deposit payment settings can be set independently from the order amount due at checkout.

Setting this up

To set this up, head over to your Booqable settings and go to the Online checkout section,  these settings are located in the Payments in Checkout subcategory.

If you accept partial payments from your online store, you can charge the remaining amount when the customer picks up the items, or at any time by sending out a payment request

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