After you added locations, you can add inventory to each of them.

The way you do this is slightly different for bulk and trackable products.

Bulk products

For bulk products, you can see and edit the quantities for each location:

Trackable products

For trackable products, you can see and edit the location of each stock item:

Automatic stock movement

Quantities and locations automatically update as items are picked up and returned by your customers. So when a customer returns an order, its location automatically changes to the return location.

Note: When a trackable stock item is picked up, its location changes to the pickup location, regardless of its current location.

Transfers in clusters

Note: Clusters is an experimental feature and may not be available on all accounts.

When you created one or more clusters, a "Transfers" button appears in your Booqable account's main menu. To prevent shortages, Booqable generates transfers when items are needed at a different location.


Let's say you have two locations in a cluster (we'll call them location A and location B). A customer is looking to pick up an item at location B, but the item is currently at location A.

The item is added to your transfer list, showing that it needs to be transferred from location A to location B and when it's needed:

💡 Tips:

  • Make it a habit to check your Transfers list regularly.

  • Don't transfer items too far in advance. As new rental orders come in, items may move to the correct location without being transferred manually.

  • Prevent last-minute reservations from your online store to give yourself some time to transfer items when needed.

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