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How to customize the website navigation menu
How to customize the website navigation menu

Learn how to create easy user interaction on a rental store through customizing the navigation menus in the Booqable Rental Website Builder.

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The navigation menu sits at the top of your website and allows your customers to make their way through your Booqable website as they browse.

Menus are key in making sure your customers can find exactly what they are looking for, and you can point them to exactly what you wish them to find, in your online store.

How it works

The following tutorial is for Booqable users using the Booqable Rental Website builder, not those that have integrated Booqable with a website of their own.

It is essential you activate a theme in the Booqable Rental Website builder before completing this tutorial.

💡IMPORTANT: If you complete this guide and decide to activate a new theme, your menu will no longer function with the new theme. It is essential that you repeat all the steps below to create a new menu anytime you activate a new theme.

You can place the navigation menu in the header and footer, and customize which items are shown in the menu bar for both the header and the footer menu individually.

1. Set up a menu in your Booqable settings

1. To get started, go to Settings > Website builder > Menus in your Booqable account. If you have installed a theme, any menus relating to it will be shown here.

2. Click Add menu to create a new menu. You will be brought to a new screen where you need to enter a name for the menu.

2. Add menu items

1. Click Add menu item to start adding items.

2. Name your menu item. When you add a new item, you will need to give it the name (as you want it to appear on your website).

3. Select a page for this item to direct customers to when they click it. You can click on the pages shown to select individual pages.

3. Nest menu items

Then, you can choose to nest menu items.

You can also nest menu items by clicking ☰ on the left of the menu item and dragging it toward the item you want to nest it under until you see the blue highlight.

💡Note: This is useful when you list product categories like the ones below, or when creating subcategories.

4. Assigning menus within the website builder

Once you create a new menu, you can then choose which menu will be displayed in the website builder.

1. Click Online store and Customize.

2. Click on the header, or footer.

3. Click Menu, then Select menu, and proceed to change the menu that will be displayed on either the footer or the header of your website.

You're all set!

You have now successfully learned how to customize the website navigation menu in Booqable.

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