While rental items will most likely make up the majority of your inventory, you may want to sell items along with your rentals (like a bottle of water with a bike rental, gaffer tape with a camera rental, or confetti for a wedding).

Note: Tracked consumables are currently in beta and may not be available on your account.

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Inventory and availability

When you create a consumable, you can choose between 2 tracking methods: tracked and untracked.

Don't track stock

The item is always available for orders. In the online store, it shows as "available". This is useful for products that don't have a physical or limited inventory.

Track in bulk

Keep track of inventory counts for this product.

Availability for consumables

As soon as you reserve a tracked consumable item, its stock count (and thus the availability for future orders) decreases.
Different from rental products, the product doesn't become available after the rental period.

Note: Tracked consumables are restocked automatically when you remove the product from a reserved order or revert the order to a concept state.


Marking consumables as picked up works the same as for your rental items.

To mark consumables as picked up:

  1. View an order containing a (tracked) consumable item.

  2. From the top bar, click Pick up items.

  3. The consumable items are displayed among your regular rental items. Select which and how many consumables are going out with the customer.

  4. Click Pick up items.

Returning and restocking consumables

While consumables normally aren't expected back, there may be occasions where your customers want to return a consumable item.

In this release, consumable items always keep the status "picked up". However, this doesn't affect the overall order status (when there are no picked up rental products on the order, its status changes to "returned").

When a customer returns a consumable, you need to restock the item from the products' inventory tab manually.

Optionally, add a custom charge (with a negative amount) to the order if you want to refund the customer.

Make existing consumables trackable

If you want to start tracking the inventory for existing consumable products, you can run a bulk option to convert your untracked products.

To convert untracked products:

  1. In your list of products, select the items you want to start tracking.

  2. Click Actions and then select Convert to tracked consumables.

  3. Click Convert.

Note: Booqable automatically adds enough stock to your inventory to prevent shortages on your existing orders.

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