With pricing enabled in your Booqable account, you can accept payments for your rental orders. There are multiple ways to capture payments in Booqable:

Payment statuses

Registered payments determine the payment statuses of orders and invoices:

  • Payment due: No payment was registered yet.

  • Paid: The order or invoice is paid in full; no further payment actions required.

  • Partially paid: The order or invoice total is higher than the paid amount.

  • Overpaid: The paid amount is higher than the order or invoice total.

  • Deposit: You need to refund or keep (part of) the security deposit for this order.

Paying invoices

Payments on orders automatically reconcile invoices so you can pay multiple invoices with just one payment. When you register a payment, Booqable automatically matches it against the oldest invoice for the order.

For example:

  • You have an order for a total of $100.00

  • There are two invoices for the order, both for $50.00

  • You receive a $75.00 payment

The first invoice is now paid in full, and the second invoice is partially paid.

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